How can I get away from this stupid reality?

sounds like a job for… SUPERMAN! :p

How can I get a…




This just takes forever.. the process of determining a course of action between two people, with so many emotions and expectations.I say way… There is a way, and a path to walk.. all there needs to be done is a course of action..

On a lighter note, it is December 2012 everyone! 

Which could only mean one a few things…

1. This is a month for celebration, I know on some Nature magazine, or some natural Awakening course magazine someone wrote this: the winter equinox this year will not be the same. Well I say it is what we make it, and nothing is stagnant no matter what anyone says… the world stays in perpetual motion because we keep it in perpetual motion!

We are what we make of ourselves, our lives are what we make of them and this universe will be the benefits we reap from what we have sown. Lets do a better job  with this, we owe it to ourselves!

I refuse to live in a stagnant situation.


Upgrade your Reality ( or not)


Today’s word.: The expansion of the Universe.

Last night while walking my dog I looked up at the sky… and I saw the universe. The stars were so bright and beautiful, I couldn’t help but notice this small pulsating red dot.. I think it may be another universe! Could it be possible that the universe is expanding, that there are new star systems being born? I’m excited at this notion! It’s Shamballa! 

My notes on Occupy Wallstreet.


Good afternoon,

    Today while I work I was pondering this.. what’s with all the wars? Like seriously.. 
This Occupy wall street I think is out of control already. It’s all over the world which generally the message has gotten out as to what the world needs, but I don’t feel people should strain themselves any longer. I think it would be best if everyone goes home, and finds another outlet. I of course need to follow up with what’s going on in all the Occuption locations. I think in order to make jobs, or some kind of change there needs to be peace. It’s a fundamental necessity for mental clarity, and without clarity you can’t really see what needs to be done. All this protesting is creating a giant mental fog, and nobody can really understand or see for themselves what people need to do.